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Next release.

Next version of Cyberstorm is about to release. Mathunicane!
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Plans for Cyberstorm

My plans for next update of Cyberstorm OS is:
  1. Change some packages and update some scripts here. Maybe some scripts will be added but only safety scripts.
  2. New upcoming version will be 1.0.3.
  3. I try to elliminate every scripts, packages and more for faster booting and working with system.
  4. Maybe new version 1.0.3 will have updated kernel and kernel sources of course.
  5. And I try to make some more suprises for you! Oh ... on Sourceforge I have 3 download. I know that it's not big number but I am happy :)
And next big new is that I have made for users of Reddit new Hacking & Security Experts community so if you have a Reddit Join us on adress!
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Reddit and Sourceforge!

Evening and I am just sitting on my chair, checking my new community on Reddit .. Oh it´s a big news of my day ... Cause I made big community on Reddit of Hackers and IT Security experts! You can find it at and name I created this way: I took word Reddit, deleted R and replaced it with Hack and result was "Hackeddit" :) How great!
I changed a blog theme and the BIGGEST success of my day was that somebody from Spain downloaded my OS Cyberstorm from Sourceforge so I was really happy.
EDIT: Now I checked a Sourceforge and I have two downloads. Really good :) !
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Autumn and some news!

Now I started burning a copy of my Cyberstorm OS to DVD couse I want to know and test how OS is stable and other things ... We'll see!
I made a Sourceforge project site for my OS and link is: There are info and some updates about my OS Cyberstorm and u can find there many useful information.
Now there in Czech Republic is autumn and rainy, cold and depressive weather so nothing good o.O :// I made a script for my Sourceforge project cause they provide a hosting for project site so I made a code for it and result maybe will be below this post.
This blog is useful things for sharing ideas, feelings and posting results about Cyberstorm with world so Nice to meet you my blog :) Autumn is really horrible so I went outside, took my camera and took some photos in park which is biggest in Pilsen and nearby my home. There I made some good photos but this is not photo portfolio so you'll not see that photos but maybe in future.
Now I am going to check burning and maybe today I will post some new entry to world of blogers :) Bye!

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I want one thing on internet ... good blogging site and I found it
:). Blogspot was kinda good but I prefer something really simple and
Livejournal is really great for me ... Why I made this blog? It's simple
answer. I am 14 years old developer of my own OS based on Linux called
"Cyberstorm" and I want something like dev blog where I post together
with dev news my feelings about system and life BRO.

U can find at some developers site like a Twitter, Sourceforge and SUSE Studio. Bellow is a links to my profiles and more!

SUSE Studio:

Sourceforge maybe later.

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